Friday, September 26, 2008

Issue 18

George Winston by Steve L.

On Friday I went to a really nice piano concert with my Mom. We went out and ate dinner at a nice restaurant and then we went to a really nice concert hall (The Covey Arts Center). We sat in our seats, in the balcony, and listened to the music. The audience LOVED the music. (Same here!) I thought he played some really fun music and some beautiful pieces too. My favorite piece was called The Mouse and the Elephant. It was really, really fun. I’m excited that I’m starting piano lessons.

Father ‘n Son’s Camp Out by Daniel

We went on a father and son camp out and it was very, very, cool. When we got there we set up our tent and we played some games with the ward and went on lots of hikes. During the night time we made s’mores and sat around told ghost stories. We brought some candy, but we realized there were bears there that would attack you in your tent for food, so we had to put it in our car overnight. We slept in a tent and built a fire in the morning, but it was hard because it had rained. We used a piece of rope as a fire starter. After that we had breakfast and drove home.

The Gift of Music by Whitney

(Note by Mom: Steve took Whitney on a date to The Gift of Music concert by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Utah Symphony. Actually it was supposed to me my date, but I had food poisoning and Whitney was my proxy. NO FAIR!)

As my dad and I walked into the L.D.S. Conference Center, I almost stopped walking. It was magnificent, with it’s high dome ceiling, the mammoth organ, all the lights, three tiers of seats, capable of holding thousands. We had some of the best seats. I liked the soloist Brian Stokes the best. He was an impressive vocalist, and you could tell he had his breathing technique mastered. Sometimes he would make motions to throw out his voice and you could feel the emotion in it.

Discovery Gateway by Janey

On Steve’s Birthday he wanted to go to the Children’s Museum. We played in a ball thing, and made music (Mary had a little lamb) on the giant xylophone. Then we went and played with some large stuffed blocks. We put them on a crane that lifted them to another spot. Then we went upstairs and we did some fun stuff and then we checked out a helicopter and then it was time to go to Liberty Girls. My favorite part was the ball machine, where you would put a ball in it and it would suck it up and go through tubes and empty into buckets.

Discovering the Ball Machine

Building a city

Piloting the Lifeflight Helicopter

The Big 12!

The roaring inferno!

Steve L. turned twelve this week. It seems he is hitting a new milestone every other day. After attending his first Young Men's meeting with his Dad's scout troop we celebrated with the traditional cake and ice cream and of course a few gifts. His siblings pooled their money for a cool Lego set (I'm so glad 12 isn't too old for Legos) and we gave him a cash lock box (with a little seed money) and a fishing pole worthy of a merit badge. It is a delight to see him challenging himself and entering his scholar phase in school. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!