Sunday, August 28, 2011

Issue 171

Happy 17th!

Hard to believe Whitney is 17 and a senior this year! We realized that next year she'll have to come home from college to celebrate her birthday! She ordered steak and sweet potato bake for her dinner meal. I had to hurry up and research how to cook both but they turned out delicious. We followed up our party watching a movie of her choice, and then celebrated again at Grandma's house. Happy Birthday Whitney!

Temple Baptisms

Daniel and Dad did an early morning session of Temple Baptisms this week. Daniel really enjoyed his first time to the temple to do service.

First Day of High School

Wow, 2 High Schoolers this year! (And ouch on the school fees!)

Whitney is starting her senior year and is Student Body Secretary. This fall will be full of college and scholarship applications.

Steve L. is starting his freshman year. Many of his homeschool friends attend the same high school so he has a built in social crowd already. He's also excited to be starting seminary. Here's to a great year!

Shakespeare Festival

Well, a little while ago me and the Shakespeare group went down to Cedar City for the Cedar City Shakespeare Festival! It was awesome! We saw two of their productions over the period of two days. The first (after a nice dinner at sizzler) was Richard III. Bloody and gory. Decapitated heads and deception. Death and destruction. Need I say more? The second, a matinee performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream. It was just about the polar opposite of Richard III. It was absolutely hilarious! To really get it though, you would have to go see them preform. I also got some pretty cool swords from the gift shop.