Sunday, April 17, 2011

Issue 152

Biking a Marathon

Dad and Daniel went to scout camp this weekend. They found a great biking trail along the Jordan River in Utah County and biked around 26 miles. That equals marathon!

And She's Off!

Ellie took off in a big way this weekend! She's been determined to ride her bike without training wheels. She's braved late snow and taken anyone out that would hold her up while she practiced. Janey was the one with the magic touch, and Saturday the girls went out on a gorgeous afternoon and within minutes Ellie was riding on her own! Within a half hour she had upgraded to a bigger bike than the one in the picture and was riding all the way around the block.

Today, Sunday, Ellie begged dad to let her read something on his iPad. They pulled up the Children's Friend and much to our shock, she sounded out an entire big column of a story! You could almost see the light switch flip in her brain that turned on her reading. It was her shear determination that was the most impressive. Way to go Ellie!