Sunday, May 6, 2012

Issue 207

Relief Society 5K

This Saturday I ran in our Relief Society 5k. Dad and Janey came to cheer me on and hand me water at the finish line. I improved my time from last week by over a minute, but I have much more fun running with Steve than by myself. Too bad it was girls only!

The Avengers

Whitney and Steve were invited by some friends to go to the 12:01 first showing of the new Avengers movie. Lucky for them, mom didn't realize it would be a school night when she said yes. Whitney created a "Wasp" costume (an Avenger from the original comic series) with moving wings and Steve hand painted his "Tony Stark Arc Reactor" for the premiere party. Whitney showed off her Avenger's knowledge by winning the Avenger's Trivia contest before the movie. Dad and Mom caught up on the movie the next night and did our part to help it break all the records for a movie opening. Very Entertaining!

The Pink Pathers

Janey has wanted to play softball again, ever since she played in New Zealand. She started playing softball with the Pink Panthers this spring. They play youth pitch and Janey did a great job pitching last game. Go Janey!

Red Dragons

Ellie was dying to try soccer, so we signed her up for the spring season. Her team, the Red Dragons is undefeated so far and Ellie is having so much fun!

Issue 206

First 5K

Steve and I ran in our Stake's 5K April 28th. We have been training since February at the indoor track at the Olympic Skating Oval. This was our first 5K of the season and Steve's first race ever! We are having so much fun being running partners and crossed the finish line together.

The Tempest

Daniel stole the first scene in his homeschool production of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest". He played Boatswain, and did a great job ordering everyone around during the storm. We spent hours and hours memorizing his lines, and he did an amazing job! They did 4 full length shows over 3 days. Daniel can't wait to participate again next year!

Mom was in charge of all the concessions for the plays. They will use the funds for their class trip to the Shakespeare Festival this summer!

Choir Tour by Whitney

My school has four choirs and once every other year the Acapella choir goes on tour. This year we went to Moab, Utah. We toured and sang at Snow collage, the eastern campus of USU and Delicate Arch (the rock formation on the Utah license plate). It was fun to show off the musical talent we've been working on all year as a class.