Sunday, January 29, 2012

Issue 193

Breaking News!

We always wanted six kids, and now we have six for the next 4 months! We "adopted" our darling niece Analese from Idaho so she can finish up her high schooling with Whitney at her charter school. I now have twin seniors and Whitney has a roomate for the first time. I rented both of them cap and gowns this week!

Whitney also started interning this week at The State Capital for the Legislative session two days a week. She is having an amazing experience! It means lots of extra driving for mom and dad, but it's worth it.

Swim Meet

Janey warming up between races. She race 4 events in her second meet. Her favorite is the 50 meter back stroke and she took 1st place in her heat! Way to go Janey!

The Leo

Some Friday's Daniel and I get to take field trips. This Friday we rode trax downtown, straight to the doorstep of The Leonardo Museum. This Tech meets Art museum was just up his ally. He especially enjoyed the exhibit where he got to try on prosthetic legs and walk around. We also explored the Salt Lake City Library next door. After a lunch out, we rode trax home, just in time to greet the girls coming home from school.

Brian Regan

Steve and I were so excited to give the older kids in our family Brian Regan tickets for Christmas. We gave some to ourselves too, of course. The day of the concert finally came, and it was as funny as we'd hoped it would be! We've all been working so hard lately and it was really fun to sit back at laugh non-stop. Walking over to Abravenel Hall for the performace we encountered a smashed ice sculture in a hotel drive way. We kicked chunks of it all the way to the concert and then all the way back when it was done. Just the kind of random thing our family would do to make an evening more memorable.