Friday, July 10, 2009

Biking the Parkway

We have been wanting for a long time to bike the Jordan Parkway. It's miles of scenic bike path that follows the bank of the Jordan River. Well, Friday was the day. We spent the morning getting all the bikes primed for the season and then loaded them up. Who knew the Parkway would be so hard to find? We put in at 90th south, but the trail dead-ended a few hundred feet later. So we crossed busy 90th and tried the other side, but couldn't find the trail. We finally called a friend who set up straight and we loaded the bikes back up and went to 6800 south. Worth the wait! After two false starts we found miles of gorgeous bike trail.

Aunt Becca gave us this awesome tandem bike that was just perfect for Ellie to be able to join the ride. She's definitely too big for the babyseat, and I wanted her to get the exercise! She rode behind Mom the first half and then behind Dad the second half.




Steve L.

The crew, minus mom who's taking the picture.

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