Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Update

Thanks so much for the kind inquiries about my health. Yes, there has been a lack of mommy pictures on the blog. I've found that "green" just isn't my color. But, I've hit 2nd trimester and I'm feeling much better. I even got to hear the baby's heartbeat last appointment!

The 24/7 nausea was a huge challenge for me. Everything I did or even thought about during that time I started associating with nausea. Steve bought me a new MP3 player and loaded a book I really wanted to listen to on it. About half way through I had to hide it, it was making me feel so sick. I still can't look at the thing! I was careful not to read books I liked, think about school plans or fun projects, or eat foods I wanted to have in my life later. The hardest part was I was so very bored! Thank goodness I had planning the family festival to keep me going.

I am so grateful I am feeling better in time for the new school year!

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