Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shakespeare King

Steve is taking a Shakespeare class this year and having a lot of fun with it. They held a contest to see who could read, listen to or watch 17 Shakespeare plays first. Steve decided to go for it and in 5 days he finished all 17 plays. He said that by the 3rd play he could understand what they were saying with out having to translate it in his head. He really enjoyed to project and it was fun to hear him laughing out loud while listening to or watching a play. He came in second (because he doesn't do homework on Sunday), but they treated all 3 students who finished the first week like royalty. He was crowned and celebrated and named the Shakespeare king!

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Andy Gibbons said...

And how many kings did you read about? Henry? How many Henries? Lear? How about Louie? (Jungle Book)