Sunday, November 15, 2009

Goldfish by Whitney

OK, so the week before last, some thing really stupid happened at my school. I was just getting out of the bathroom when one of the girls exclaimed, “There’s a goldfish in the toilet!” So a bunch of us clustered around the stall and sure enough there was a terrified fish cowering in the back of the bowl. Someone got a fish net wand from the earth sciences teacher and we were trying to scoop it up into a cup of clean water. Then another girl came into the bathroom saying that there were goldfish in all the bathrooms! Some idiot had gone to the Petco next to the school during lunch and bought a bunch of goldfish, then they put them all in toilets during fourth period. Some got flushed, and I know of some other kids who got them out and took one or two home. Some got put in the small pond behind our school. I got four to take home because I already have a goldfish tank set up, (for another goldfish named Spaz who I had rescued from being swallowed by a teacher earlier this year). But only three of them got home alive. Now all four goldfish are residing happily in a tank in my room. They are Loo, Pale Face, and Horsley (the name of the chiropractor that we stopped by on the way home from school). I cant believe the people that put them in there. “Hey guys, check it out. I’m going to be cool and put goldfish in all the toilets!” How stupid is that?

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David said...

Way to go Whitney. It's amazing what some people pass off as "fun" or "funny."