Sunday, November 8, 2009

Haiku and Fish Sticks

While studying medieval Japan this week, we made Japanese fabric carp kites (dubbed fish sticks by my 3 year-old nephew.) We also read lots of Haiku poetry. Then we went on a Ginko, or Haiku nature walk and everyone tried their hand at writing some poetry. Although they are not all traditional Haiku, I think they are all beautiful.

Dog Behind Fence by Steve L.
Barking frantically,
The hysterical brown dog
Warns off intruders.

by Daniel
With 2 cousins we made fish kites,
all colorful and white.
We went to a field
scattered about with leaves.
We had lots of energy and ran here and there,
with our kites above and
just behind us they flowed.

by Janey
I am a daisy
born in the spring.
I pop up when
the birdies sing.

by Ellie
When the grass is dead
and the trees don't have leaves,
We go to the dinosaur museum.

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Anonymous said...

I love all the poetry!