Sunday, January 17, 2010


At Christmas Santa gave me a twenty gallon fish tank! Before Christmas I had two three-and-a-half inch goldfish and a crayfish named Huka. Now I am the proud owner of two dalmatian mollies, (four-inch fish that look like floating sticks of granite) four sunburst playties, (three-inch yellow and orange fish) five neon tetras,(teeny little one-inch guys that are patriotically colored) and two Octocincluses (little two-inch guys that eat the algae off the tank wall and have racing stripes).

They are awesome, I suggest that you look up photos of them because I am not good at aquarium photography yet. This is my very first tropical tank, which means that it isn't room temperature like a goldfish tank, it has a heater, and with the species of fish that I have there is a tiny bit of aquarium salt. It isn't salt water, it is salty water.

Here is a picture of my tank.

P.S. I think that one of my dalmatian mollies is going to have babies, (Mollies anyone?) :)

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