Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ellie Update

Some storms blew in this week and chased the gunk out of the air. Ellie is breathing much easier, but according to her pulmonary test this week, only at 59% of her lung capacity. We go back in three weeks for another test to see what her capacity is when she is well.

Her first trip out of the house (besides the hospital and doctor's office) was to go get the boys' hair cut. Ellie never wants to be left out, so I let her get a hair cut too. I think the pixie style suits her spunky personality perfectly.

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Jennifer said...

I thought the inversion was bad when we were there after Christmas. There were orange and red air quality warnings. I felt it, but my kids don't live around snow so they wanted to be outside enjoying the fluff.

I can't imagine how awful it is for Ellie. Hope she can breathe easier soon.