Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yellow Belt

Saturday was one of those crazy "divide and conquer" days. As in, "I'll take Steve to Mock Trial practice, and plan the menu and shopping list, and open the high school for the Liberty Bowl, while you take Janey Girl Scout cookie selling and Daniel to karate. Then, I'll pick up Steve from Mock Trial practice, take Whitney to Liberty Bowl practice, and then pick Daniel up from karate." Oops, we both tried to pick Daniel up. At least we didn't both forget him. Then it's "while your taking Janey on a lunch date to In-and-Out Burger and doing the grocery shopping, I'll be at the High School with Whitney, helping run the Liberty Bowl. Thanks for taking Daniel to his yellow belt test this afternoon, I wish I could be there too." Then it's, "So glad you and the camera made it in time for the last Liberty Bowl round and medals ceremony." And finally it's "Thank you for cooking dinner for our company tonight while I vacuumed the High School and locked it down. It tastes wonderful, and the flowers are lovely."

Daniel started taking karate (Kung Fu style) in December. He attends 4 times a week: one private lesson and three group lessons. In just over a month he qualified to test for his yellow belt. Dad and the kids got to see the belt ceremony and then came to the high school to show Whitney and I the awesome new belt.
What Daniel says about the experience:
"They had us do 100 jumping jacks, we had to stand in a squat and keep our arms out straight (like an airplane) for 10 minutes, 50 sit-ups, 50 push ups, 50 squats, and a whole lot of other exercises. Then he made us run from one side of the wall to the other 25 times as fast as we could. Then he tested us on all our blocks and kicks and punches. Then we did some other stuff and then I got my yellow belt. It felt pretty great but exhausting!"

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