Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mock Trials

It's Mock Trial Season again! Whitney and Steve have practiced 3 times a week for several weeks while preparing for their competitions. Utah Law Related Education is a non-profit group of lawyers that runs this competition for students to learn about the legal system. Whitney's Senior division team competed Thursday on the defence side and Steve's Junior division team competed Friday on the Plaintiff side. They will each compete at least one more time on the opposite side.
The three to four hour trials are tried in real courtrooms around the state and judged by real attorneys. They not only learn about the legal system, but how to see both sides of an issue and how to think on their feet. Whitney was the defendant in her trial and tied for best witness. Steve was an attorney for his side. He delivered the opening statement and directed the plaintiff. He was voted best attorney by all three judges. Now they have just a week and a half to prepare for the other side of the case.

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