Sunday, April 25, 2010

Park City

We had originally planned a trip to St. George last weekend, but Steve L. couldn't miss any play practices and Whitney had the "Student Showcase" at school, so we opted for Park City instead. Steve was able to take Janey and Daniel up Thursday night and the rest of us joined them Friday night. We enjoyed the Olympic Park, swimming for hours, rock climbing, nature walks and snowball fights, games, movies, eating out and eating in, and browsing main street. Thanks mom and dad for letting us use the condo for a long overdue vacation!

Ellie was born the wear "gum boots" (as they are called in NZ.) They are the best for splashing and exporing!

Looking at some pins from the olympic pin collection.

Watch out world! Here we come!

1 comment:

kyla greening said...

hae there it's the greening kids ...
just wonderin "what are 'gumboots' called in America? and
'What's a condo?"