Saturday, June 12, 2010

Simulations Week by Whitney

This week Steve and I attended the American Youth Leadership Simulations Week. It is a totally awesome week long event that is held every year. There were 4 different simulations to chose from. I participated om the State Legislative one were the participants were assigned the persona of a representative of the Utah State Legislature. All week I was known as Rebecca Lockhart. The first two days it was mind numbingly realistic. But after a brief chat with one of the mentors, the globe was sent careening into a global government take over. It was ann insane adrenaline pumping crisis that we had to solve in time before the world basically self-imploded.

Ahhh, much better.

I love simulations week, it's so awesome and I can't wait until next year!

(Note by mom)
Whitney had the chance to present her bill at the Utah State Capitol in the council chambers. By all accounts she did very well and held her own.

Steve also enjoyed the artist simulation.

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Senator Whit. said...

I would like to say that mom re-typed it in at about midnight, my spelling isn't that bad. :)