Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Sigh

(Big Sigh . . . ) Event done, goal accomplished. Boy, that's a good feeling! Vendors, sponsors, knights battles and tea parties, carnival, yummy food, managing volunteers and info booths, a tribute and a concert, set up and clean up - a lot goes into a fund raiser! I had an amazing committee this year and the Family Festival fundraiser for the non-profit I volunteer with, was a great success.

Now, I just can't decide if I should scrub the house top to bottom, connect with my patient children on a field trip everyday or just sleep! Probably all three.

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kyla greening said...

ha ha 'Big Sigh' ha ha that's funny! great work done!! I finally figured out how to post comments YaY...(stop was hard for me to figure that out since I don't have a Blog, BeBo, facebook, twitter or myspace account, I don't even have a youtube account!) anyways, your blogs always make my day even if I read at night-time, so keep up the great stuff we love it. Hope to come to America and visit sometime..
From kyla...oh and the rest