Sunday, August 8, 2010

BLAB by Steve L.


Week long scout camp, with fifteen scouts and no flushable toilets within four miles.

'nuff said.

Okay, mom says I have to say more. Well it all started 5 o clock in the morning. All the scouts gathered at our house and piled in to the cars. Then we slept all the way there. We arrived at our campsite and set up. It was a really pretty site, right next to Bear Lake. It was awesome, because we got to swim every day. Well the next week was pretty packed with merit badge classes. I think the funnest was climbing. We got to repel off a sixty foot vertical wall, with nothing but a rope keeping me from falling to my death. Ya, that's what scouts consider fun. Ya, we're lunatics. Well as far as merit badges go, I earned the wood-carving, photography, pioneering, leather-work and climbing merit badges. For wood carving we carved a carved a cylinder, a neckerchief slide, and a letter, which turned up being an S, which turned out cracking, which ended up as the bear lake monster. For pioneering, we built a bridge out of wood and rope, nothing else. And then there was that rattle-snake. It crept into our camp, and killed four kids before the staff got it with a shovel. Yep, just a typical day in the typical week a a scout camp. (yes, the rattlesnake was real).

Note from mom: No actual children died on this camp!

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