Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girls Camp by Whitney

This week I was at my stake girls camp. The theme was "A.R.M.Y." (A Righteous Mormon Youth.) The entire stake was there and each ward got a different color of camouage for their shirts. My ward got "savage orange." On the little slip of paper that had a sample of the pattern it looked good but when we actually got the shirts the result was horrendous. It was orange, brown yellow and black. it looked like someone had thrown up on them after eating a burnt hot dog. Luckily we only had to wear them the last day to the closing ceremonies.

Other than that it was a blast. I was a YCL (youth camp leader) so I was able to help plan the camp and help when we got to camp. I helped at the giant zipline and taught a class with one of my friends about what to do if for poisoning and broken limbs and severe bleeding (apparently I scared all the beehives to death with my spiel about stomach wounds) and instructed at archery. (I love archery and have had professional instruction so that one was especially fun for me.)

Our ward got the best campsite, instead of the sagebrush and aspen campgrounds the others got, we had giant pines and real shade trees with deer and squirrils. It was great but cold in the morning and the squirrils kept waking us up. :)

I loved being there and cant wait for next year when it is ward camp instead of stake camp. IT WAS AWSOME!!!!

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