Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Who knew turning 38 could be so great! I was truly spoiled this weekend by my family and friends. Friday kicked off with an awesome breakfast at Kneaders with my mom and sister. Then is was off to the Day Spa for a full day of pampering and much needed relaxing while Steve took the kids fishing. He had won an award at work and let me cash it in for spa certificates. After having my hair done, a facial, massage and pedicure, Steve picked me up for a wonderful dinner downtown at PF Chang's.
The next morning we attended the World Wide Training together, which may not sound like so much birthday fun, but the training was amazing and sitting next to my hubby on the church bench without a child squeezing between us or climbing over us is so rare that it was a treat.
Then it was time to celebrate with the kids, who all had thoughtful cards or handmade gifts. Steve had hoarded bits of cash from work lunches and gas for who knows how long to buy me an Ikea bookshelf for a night stand and some great running gear. He hates to keep secrets, so it was especially hard for him to wait for my official birthday to give me the surprise. I was truly blown away by his thoughtfulness AND his ability to keep it to himself.
We took the kids that afternoon to the matinee showing of Mega-Mind to celebrate some more (I told you I was spoiled.) It was so truly funny, and we had a great time gorging ourselves on popcorn.
Then Steve and I headed out for birthday date number two! We got to eat out with 3 of my dearest friends from high school (and all the years since.) Visiting with Denise, Alesha and Tricia and their awesome hubbies and cute babies was the best birthday treat. I don't think I've had so much fun since they all came to my surprise 17th birthday party 21 years (21 YEARS!?!?) ago. (I just wish our out of state friends could have joined us too!)
You'd think that would be enough celebrating for a decade, but it wasn't over yet! My mom through a gourmet birthday bash for Sunday dinner tonight, and my parents gave me a gift card for the bookshelves I want for the family room. My siblings all came and gave me thoughtful and beautiful gifts. With such an awesome inauguration, I know this is going to be a stellar year. Thanks everyone! I love you!


Mrs. Organic said...

Happy Birthday! And you look beautiful, I love the new 'do.

Jennifer said...

LOVE your hair!!! It's been a while since I remember seeing it short. Happy Belated!