Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Name for Kitty

(His favorite resting spot. We bought him a nice bed, go figure.)

After a couple weeks without a name, we finally held a vote. The official results are in and our cat's name is now:

Cosmo Triage Bacon Kitty

Cosmo, because he acts like a little cougar and our favorite cougar is of course Cosmo, the BYU mascot. Triage, because he has white legs look like he's wearing bandages. Bacon, because Steve L. loves all things bacon, and Kitty because he's been answering to Kitty since we adopted him.

You see now why he's been Kitty for so long? Instead of consensus we have a really long name!

1 comment:

kyla greening said...

haha that's so Nani Gayle's cat is called 'puppy!' haha