Sunday, January 30, 2011

Playing the Taxes Card

Just snuggling into bed when I remembered with a start, "The Blog!" I'll have to blame my almost-oversight on the mind numbing process of preparing our taxes. Steve got the bug tonight (easy to get when your getting money back!) and we are just about done.

Other things of note that happened this week:

I got to teach an art lesson in Ellie's Kindergarten class. What fun!

I got to paint with my own art students this week. Messy paint makes me happy!

We had the awesome opportunity to hear Steve's dad give an impressive speech, to important people, in a large venue, that was also on radio and TV! Our Idaho relatives came down for the event and we all went out to lunch after to celebrate the occasion and Grandpa's Birthday. We are so proud of the amazing job he did.

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