Sunday, March 13, 2011

Freedom Bowl

Yesterday my team and I participated in the Freedom Bowl. It's an annual buzzer-question type competition that I've done four years in a row now. My team won silver, in the four years I've done it I've placed every time. I've gotten a gold, a bronze and now two silvers with the one I got yesterday. My team has been studying since September and we are some of the best. There is another team that we regularly go up against that is about our equal. They are the only ones that we really worry about at all. This year we were behind them by only 20 out of maybe three hundred points! Our moderator for that round was the guy who actually wrote all the questions in the first place. He said that when it was between our two teams it wasn't a contest of who knew the answer, it was a contest of who could guess what question it was that he was asking.

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