Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Day in the Life

Saturday was a crazy, busy, wonderful day. It was the culmination of months and even years of hard work on so many fronts.

-6:30 am Woke up and got Whitney off the her last day of ACT Boot Camp. She is taking the test again in June and wants to do well.
-7:30 am Exercised while reading conference talks. Multi-tasking was going to be the only way to succeed this day!
-8:30 am We rushed through our morning chores.
-10:00 am Took the girls to the store to buy refreshments for the Court of Honor.
-11:00 am Dropped Ellie off at a friend's birthday party and then bought out 2 shoe stores of silver shoes in Whitney's size. One of them would have to work!
-12:00 pm Dad and Daniel arrive home from Camp Yougottawanna, the annual 11 year-old scout overnight camp. Steve had fun going as a Dad this time, instead of the man in charge!

-1:00 pm Ellie and Whitney arrive home and Mom and Janey head out for Janey's final dance competition of the year.

-1:55 pm Find out mid false eyelash gluing, that Daniel has left his sparing gear in my car!

-2:00 pm Dad takes Daniel to his Karate blue belt test and I arrive 20 minutes later with said sparring gear.

-3:00 Daniel has passed his blue belt test! Very few students make it to their blue belt. Way to go Daniel!

- 3:00 pm Mom arrives back at the dance competition in time to see Janey compete (with both false eyelashes!) in her first dance. They take second place!
-4:00 Arrive home in time to help Whitney with her hair and make-up for Prom and help Steve L. transfer his scout badges on to his new uniform.

-5:00 Dad madly tries to finish the awesome slide show we have been working on for a week. Technical Difficulties abound.
-5:15 pm Arrive at the church to finish getting ready for Steve L's Eagle Court of honor. It was a wonderful ceremony. Both Grandpas giving their scouting memories was a big highlight and Dad getting choked up while administering the oath was very touching. All of Steve's Shakespeare friends, mentors and many of their family members turned out, as well as family, friends, scouts, and scout leaders, which made it all very special! We are so proud of you Steve!

Proud Mama!

Steve gave his Dad the mentor pin, in addition to the Dad's pin, for all the help and support he has given him in Scouting!

Steve L. was given a beautiful neckerchief by the stake and a flag, that was flown over the US Capital in his honor, by the Ward.

The Eagles' Nest

6:00 pm We stall the Eagle Court of Honor proceedings long enough for mom and grandma to see Whitney and her date off to Prom and of course take a couple pictures! Doesn't she look amazing?

-6:30 pm Clean up Court of Honor and take the boys to their play cast party.

-7:20 pm Arrive back at the dance competition.

-8:20 pm Janey dances in her second number, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." Grandma and Grandpa came to watch too, and the team did an amazing job on their clogging number!

9:00 pm Ellie goes with Mom and Dad out to eat. We have some fun two-on-one time with her. Janey stays back to hear the dance awards.

10:15 pm Janey gets home. Her dance took High Points, First Place with a huge trophy! What a fun way to end the season!

11:53 pm Whitney arrives home from a wonderful time at Prom.

12:40 am Lying awake in bed, overwhelmed with gratitude for amazing opportunities, wonderful children and supportive family and friends. Today, as busy as it was, was a little bit of heaven. I can only imagine what next year will be like when Ellie starts dance and violin!

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