Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Last, First

Ellie lost her first baby tooth this week! It was quite the big deal. She was so excited to leave it for the tooth fairy. I was a little nostalgic, when I realized it was the last, first missing tooth that we would have in the family.

Today in church she wanted to pass me the water sacrament tray as it came down the row. I reached out to steady it, much to her displeasure. She said to me, "Mother . . ." (Yes, she always calls us mother and father. I have no idea where the formality comes from, but the way she says it, it's quite adorable.) Anyway, she said, "Mother, I'm growing up now and you don't need to be over protective!" How does she come up with this stuff? She's a six year-old with a thirty year old vocabulary sometimes! She throws around words like "devastated" and "distracted" all the time.

She is so bent on growing up that she refused to bring a snack or something to do during sacrament meeting. We have sacrament last, so it can be a long day. She lay down in my lap during the meeting and said, "I'm trying to be grown-up like the other kids, but I'm so hungry and board!" She was so disappointed in herself. I told her that I didn't want her to grow up too fast and that it was OK to be a little kid a little while longer.

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