Sunday, January 15, 2012

What a Week!

A week in which few pictures were taken, because who has the time? Between Relief Society meetings, non-profit meetings, book group meetings, Young Men's meetings, work meetings, we were also dealing with a raging case of the Chicken Pox! Poor Steve L. was exposed at a holiday party, and two weeks later he came home from school and came down with a fever. So much for vaccinations! It was finals week at school and Whitney was doing some pretty intense projects to maintain her great grades. Steve will have some make-up work to do, but after a week of Pringles, Benadryl, Dr. Who, and Hydrocordazone cream, he should be able to finish up fine. Whitney helped me run the 5th Annual Freedom Bowl Competition for our Youth Leadership organization on Saturday and I even pulled off a talk in Sacrament Meeting. Is anyone else glad it's a holiday tomorrow?

Here is a photo treat - Whitney's Student Body Presidency year book photo. Looks right of the cover of a Law and Order DVD.

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Anonymous said...

Cool photo Whitney!