Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Official

I guess once something goes out on Facebook it's official. That's were Whitney announced to the world that she has decided to attend BYU Provo! She had been leaning toward BYU Idaho for it's smaller class sizes and cheaper tuition, and even accepted their offer and chose a track. Then the official acceptance came for BYU Provo and she was much more excited about attending there in the end.

Steve and I drove down with her on Saturday and checked out all her dorm options. It was fun to tour the campus with her and a flood of memories came to me as we toured the dorms I used to live in. Sadly they have torn down the actual building I dormed in with my friends, but we walked into one that still stands and it smelled just the same! Whitney chose a different, more updated dorm option that I believe will suit her well. We are very excited for her to start in the fall. I know she will have a wonderful experience. We are very proud of you Whitney!

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Jennifer said...

WOW. Your daughter is a Cougar!!! Fantastic!