Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break and Happy Easter!

There is an old saying, "Change is as good as a rest." Spring Break wasn't really a break at all, but we did change things up and have a very successful week. Analese had the chance to visit home with her week off, and Whitney sat in the same spot on the couch all week, first finishing a math course and then writing the rest of the week. Steve L. also wrote almost 50 pages over the break for his novel writing class. When he wasn't writing he was labeling and shrink wrapping swag for his dad's company and earning some good money. Daniel worked very hard learning his lines for his upcoming Shakespeare play. The girls didn't start their break until Thursday, and we had a fun afternoon at the aquarium with friends.

Dad spent a very intense week at work, and their company's new book was released on Tuesday. It hit #1 on Barns and Nobel, # 7 on Amazon and we are holding our breath to see how it will do on the New York Times list this week! This is a big deal for their company and it was fun to see it launch so well.

I took the week to catch up on some projects that have been plaguing me, like ALL the laundry, ALL the paperwork and cleaning out the basement! I also got to attend a doTERRA Essential Oil conference on Friday that I really loved.

The weekend brought 3 different egg hunts, lots of cousins and enough candy for the kids to be on a sugar high all week! We had a lovely Easter Sunday. Dad was the concluding sacrament meeting speaker and gave a wonderful talk on Courage and The Atonement.

Hope you had a wonderful break too (or at least a wonderful change!)

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