Sunday, June 10, 2012

Graduation Party

After months (and years!) of hard work, all that was left was to celebrate graduation. I couldn't be prouder of my seniors.

Natalie, Whitney, Analese and Jessie. Aren't they great?!

Me and my girls! I was lucky enough to have not just one, but three seniors in my life this year. It was such a joy to have Analese live with us this year to finish up high school and an honor to work with her to get her to the graduation finish line. We couldn't have done it without Natalie, our faithful math tutor, my personal assistant and Whitney's best friend. She spent so much time at our house this year that we joked we should put another bed in Whitney's room. Seriously, we should have! And of course Whitney! She worked so hard in high school and I loved working with her on her goals. I can't believe my first born is on her way to BYU!

We had worked for weeks before graduation to strip and re-stain our deck for the big shindig. We were literally laying down stain until midnight the night before and I was touching up the morning of. Before heading off to the Capital for the ceremony we had over 50 people over for the big bbq.
The star of the party (besides the graduates of course) was this beautiful chocolate and vanilla gluten free cake. My best friend Denise not only made this masterpiece, but delivered it too! Everyone LOVED it. Thanks Denise! Didn't we just graduate from high school together? I can't believe the time has gone so fast.

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