Sunday, October 14, 2012

The BIG Surprise


We surprised Steve L. BIG time for his 16th Birthday.  Mom and Dad left on their Friday night date as usual, but really we were picking up the cake and setting up the park. A bunch of his friends met at the park near our home and hid in the gully for him to arrive. We called with a story that he need to go babysit his cousin while his Uncle was at the emergency room with his other cousin. Whitney, who was home for the big event, offered to drive him. They didn't make it far, since they were ambushed on the way by all his friends.

After chasing him down, they all gave him a big group hug!

Cake and ice cream, games, thoughtful and funny presents at the park. When it got dark we transferred to our house. Since Steve L. and Bilbo Baggens share a birthday, they watched the first Lord of the Rings out on the deck. Lots of m&m's, homemade kettle corn and fun was had!

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