Sunday, August 30, 2009


Whitney was tenacious about achieving her goals this summer. She started a new online Algebra course (that I think is amazing by the way) towards the end of the last school year. The teacher gave her the summer to complete it. The first weeks of summer she did an hour a day. By mid-summer we realized she'd never finish at that pace and started doing 6 to 8 hours a day! The last week of summer, was crunch time and Mom and Whitney sat at the kitchen table together doing Algebra for 50 hours, until she finished her course! Keeping her 4.0 GPA was a huge motivator during the early mornings and late nights. I'm proud of her determination to reach her goal, even though it was tough.

6:oo am Algebra session

Another goal Whitney set for herself was buying a small laptop computer for school. She spent many hours this summer babysitting for her aunt, who is an author. The last week of summer she finally had enough money saved and as soon as she finished her math course we went to the store. She has a novel writing course this year that it will really come in handy for, not to mention all the papers she's likely to write. Way to go Whitney!

The first day of school, Sophomore year.


Andy Gibbons said...

That is so awesome, Whitney. So...what is pi-r-squared? (or is that Geometry?)

dit0 dan diTo.... said...

beatiful girl