Sunday, August 30, 2009

Knights' Summit

the final battle

the victory parade after the final battle

don't I look great?!?

the authentic musicians at the feast

The Knights of Freedom Summit was a great time. We learned about 5 Knightly Virtues at different camps. They were team work, proving yourself in battle, going on a quest, etc. At the end of the 2 days we had a huge battle with all of the adults (who played villains) against the kids. The first day you got a shield and the second day you got a sword. There were different colored camps, brown, green, purple, yellow, red and we were the oranges. We all made up a cheer, and our cheer was "Orange, orange, we are strong. We fight for freedom, we fight the wrong. Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah!" We did a tournament thing with all the knights. Every team had a tournament to find their team champion, and I was the team champion from the oranges. But the kid from the brown team beat me and everyone else so he was the Queen's champion.


For the knights summit I volunteered as an elitist (bad guy). you probably think this was easy, march in, yell "ha ha, were the bad guys" and start smacking swords with the kids. Not in the least. I had to wake up at 6:00 each morning, help set up, and be in costume and character before the kids started arriving. I was an elitist (A.K.A. a rich and powerful noble who looks down his nose at every one else) and had to make the kids dislike us while not hurting any boys feelings. This did not succeed however, as all the kids loved us and thought we were cool. It was our role to escalate from quietly resenting the King and Queen , to openly rebelling against them. After a failed attempt to kidnap the Queen, (all in the script) we ran away and joined the gelds (the real bad guys) in the final battle. After surrendering we left and joined the feast afterward. With not much down time, and a lot of heat, it was certainly hard, but a lot of fun!

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Andy Gibbons said...

Nice job on the rhyming yell. It's so hard to find something that rhymes with "orange".