Sunday, October 11, 2009

Burston's Pond by Steve L.

JB and our tents

me, Jared, and the choc-chip pancakes

dad taking the plunge

Last Friday, after meeting Greg, we went on a fishing camp out to Burstons pond. After arriving near dinner time we set up camp and had a dinner of hot dogs and chili. (yum.) After multiple games of ghost in the graveyard and roasting starbursts around the fire, (double yum.) we went to bed. In the morning after we had a breakfast of our famous chocolate-chip pancakes (triple yum.) JB gutted his first fish! (and if you think I'm going to say "yum" here, you've got another thing coming.) Then we headed down to the rope swing to take the polar bear plunge! A.k.a. you swing of a rope into water that is literally one degree above freezing!!!!! Then we packed up and left. We had a lot of fun!

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