Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bear Lake Family Reunion

One of our favorite things about summer is our Bear Lake family Reunion! Steve's parents and siblings all gather the first week of August during Raspberry Days and play together. We have a couple of beach days where everyone gets fried in the sun and we rent ski-dos and play in the sand. In the evening Grandma brings out the jiffy pop and the glow sticks!

The kids with the flash on
Kids with the flash off - straight out of the Tron movie!

Then we go on a light parade through the campground!

Some of us decided to run the Raspberry Days 5K that Saturday morning. It was Janey's first 5k and she did great! The best part was the Bear Lake Raspberry Ice Cream that they served us at the end of the race. This is going to become a tradition!

At the end of our trip we decided to check out the Paris Ice Caves that the scouts had explored a couple weeks before. Very cool!

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