Sunday, September 9, 2012

Buttlerville Days

Every 24th of July Grandma and Grandpa's city puts on Buttlerville days complete with small town parade, music, food and lots of activities for the kids.

Ellie was desperate to climb the rock wall, but the line was at least 30 minutes long, so she and Janey took turns on the inflatable slides while the other one held the place in line. Just as it was about to be their turn Ellie was coming down the Shark slide when a little boy decided to climb up. They had a major collision and Ellie came back to the rock wall bleeding. She was not willing to give up her turn on the wall however and promptly climbed to the top. When she came back down she started crying again and we discovered that she had broken 3 teeth in her crash! The medics on site wanted to ambulance her to the ER for x-rays, but she was fine with a trip to the dentist the next morning. Amazingly they were able to save all the teeth!

We should call Janey spider-girl! She climbed the rock wall 3 or 4 times, in under a minute each time.

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