Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ben & Jerry’s – New York Super Fudge Chunk by Steve

(Note from Noreen: Steve (Dad) has made it his civic duty to try all the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavors and rank them for you. Enjoy!)

Ahhh, ice cream. Ho do I love thee? Let me count the ways. There are few things in life that deliver more pleasure or signal the end of the long day better than ice cream. I have tasted many types of ice cream in my life, but the flavors that I tend to come back to are those that deliver on certain elements. Qualities that I favor in ice cream tend towards a whole milk/cream base, no added air, and plenty of chunks. Plenty of chunks brings me to this week’s rating of a favorite B&J flavor of mine, NYSFC. I like this flavor because it packs large chunks of sugary things I like, like white and dark chocolate, fudge brownie, pecans and walnuts. This collection of frozen goodies is suspended in a rich, chocolate ice cream. Initially opposed to the chocolate ice cream, not a favorite of mine, the search for chunks almost makes the ice cream irrelevant. By the time you have found the last chunk you are at the bottom of the pint and it is time to go to bed. One interesting fact I learned while touring the Tip-Top Ice Cream factory in Auckland, NZ, is that chunks, syrup, fruit, what have you, needs to be the same temperature as the ice cream mixture when added or it will sink to the bottom. Imagine opening your carton of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream only to be greeted by a field of green!! How about diving into a pint of cookies and cream only to find your cookies gone sub-terranian? Yes, temperatures must be equal at the time of mixing for the magic to work. I hope to try Cherry Garcia next. It is rated at the top B&J flavor ratings according to their web site. We will see. I will rank it myself and let you know how it stands up against NYSFC. C U L8R.


Mrs. Organic said...

Good thing we have you to tell us which are the best flavors. You have a fine sense of duty and self sacrifice ;)

bree said...

My favorite B&J flavor is Chocolate Therapy. I find it very "therapeutic" but you may have to be a big chocolate fan to truly appreciate it.

Andy said...

Watch out for Bubble Gum flavor.